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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Office Cleaning Service

officecleaning3To Keep The Working Place Clean

Well, duh. While some may argue that there are people who thrive on chaos, a chaotic looking office where dust and other form of dirt lie visibly for the world to see isn’t a place that looks like will prosper. A work place should still maintain cleanliness at all cost. How can you say that you can get the job done if you can’t be bothered to hire professionals to get your office’s tidiness done?

To Avoid Delegating The Task To Staff

Other offices have their cleaners for the day. While that may seem practical since you get to save on paying cleaning services, it could actually cost you your staff’s morale drop. They may feel downgraded by being asked to clean the toilet or empty the trash. While it’s should be imposed for everyone to clean their own station, you should leave the thorough scrubbing to the experts.

To Prevent Health Hazard

Stress from workload isn’t the only reason office workers get sick, a dirty environment contributes to that too. Just imagine an office where everyone breathes the same air and touches the same things without anyone to do the office cleaning. Don’t be surprise if everyone starts having allergies or catching colds one by one.

To Ensure Your Office Is Getting A Better Care

Office cleaning services from ICS go beyond simple sweeping or dusting. They will be able to sanitize the entire area in a shorter amount of time but definitely more polished compared to letting your staffs do it. Aside from that, even little things that are often overlooked like restocking liquid soaps, tissue, and toilet paper will be taken care of.

To Help Office Staffs To Be More Productive

Smelly trash, dusty counters, or unorganized area can be distracting, disturbing, and uncomfortable. Those negative feelings can lead to loss of production or output, which is not going to be good for any office if it keeps up.


Space Saving Ideas For The Office

Not all businessmen are made of money though they are in the business of making money. With the prices of office spaces today it is becoming extremely difficult to maintain a grand office space on a tighter budget so instead compromise has become the next best thing. One thing that a lot of businesses are compromising on is space but they still understand how to maximise the space that they do have. If you would like to follow in similar footsteps then here are a few tips on how to get the most of what you’ve got:

Smaller Desks

Not everyone needs a grand desk all to himself or herself. Desks are greatly important for an office dynamic but with smaller desks you can give the appearance of a bigger office and still get the same amount of work done.


Plant Wall

A great way to make a statement in your office is to hire living wall plants but it is also a great way to maximise space. If you have no room to place office plants anywhere else.


Notification Wall

If you have little space to place filing cabinets then a great idea to save space is to invest in a bulletin board. This way you can keep track of any important documentation without having to take up corners with great filing cabinets that simply collect dust.


High ceilings

Having low hanging lights can make your office seem cluttered. By hanging your lights higher to the ceiling then it will give the appearance of more space and will allow for a greater spread of light.


Tight Cubicles

With tighter cubicles though your staff may feel a lot more cramped it will again allow for more space and making your office seem greater.



Are Smart Meters A Good Idea For Offices?

A hefty financial input

A lot goes into starting a business. You have to pour your heart and soul into it to ensure that you do not end up being a mere small-time company. If you endeavour to be a success, you will have to take each and every step after careful consideration. Negligence or carelessness is not an option.

One of the major things that one has to think about while starting a business is the financial input that would be required for the purpose. The amount that is required to start a business is not a small one, so one has to be rather cautious in his expenses. He needs to make it certain that the money is being utilised in the right manner and no money is being wasted.

When you set up an office for your business, you would naturally require electricity for it. Offices tend to consume quite a bit of electricity since there is so much electrical equipment that needs to be used. There are computers, printers, fax machines, scanners, electric coffee makers, lighting, fans, air conditioners, heaters and so on. Indeed, you cannot expect the electricity bill to be low for an office. However, what you can ensure is that you do not have to pay more than is necessary.Coin-Money-Saving-Jar-Wallpaper

Accuracy ensured

The electric meters that are installed in your office need to be accurate. You are required to pay quite a bit of money as it is. You should not have to pay more than necessary due to faulty meters. Thus, the first thing that you need to do is ensure that the electric meter you select for your office is accurate. The next important part is to decide which type of electric meter you would like to go with. Do you think you should stick with the conventional one or would you prefer the latest and more technologically advanced smart electric meter? Perhaps it is a prepay electric meter that you would rather go for. Whatever you select, you need to be sure that you have weighed all your options properly and taken into account the pros and cons of each type of meter. Let us talk about what a smart meter can offer you.


Providing all the information

Smart meters from are rapidly gaining preference. This can be thanks to the fact that they are accurate and provide detailed information about the day-to-day usage of electricity. The smart meter has a digital display that lets you know about the amount of energy that is being consumed along with the amount that you would be charged for it. There are two benefits that you would gain from this information. For one thing, you would be prepared for the bill that will come your way at the end of the month and would not be taken by surprise. And if you think that excessive energy is being used, you will be able to take steps to put a stop to it.


Things Not Every Business Owner Is Aware Of When It Comes To Personal Injury Insurance


 Your Recorded Statement Sans Lawyer Could Turn Against You

The truth doesn’t always set you free, at least when it comes to insurance claims. Just because you’re telling the truth doesn’t mean the situation or the insurer will favor you. So be careful about what you say in front of an insurer, especially during a recorded conversation. You statements could be seemed or be twisted as an admission to liability. Have your lawyer present or consult with one first before speaking to the insurer.

Its Important To Have A Personal Injury Lawyer

When it comes to a personal injury claim as a business owner you should make sure to hire a professional lawyer from Osbornes /  This is because not only are you under fire but so is the business that you have worked so hard to build.

Letting The Insurance Company Do The Investigation Alone Is Like Accepting Defeat With Open Arms

Remember that the insurance company will like it if they don’t pay anything as much as possible. Therefore, in case you’re making a claim it would be natural that they do an investigation both to make sure that you truly are entitled for any and to look for loopholes that they could use against your claim. Having said those, you have to investigate as well, so that you can provide facts that would support your claims when a negotiation or trial takes place.

Improper Valuation Of Claims Can Affect You Negatively

You have to make sure you know just how much you can ask from an insurance company before you fire them with your demand. Demanding too little or too much could actually fire back to you. You could end up with a smaller settlement than you should get if you don’t know how to do this right.

Don’t Expect The Insurer To Stand By His Words Off The Record

Don’t be too complacent with the insurer just because he’s good at making you feel like you can trust his words. Always be on your guard and when he seems like he’s making an admission have his statement in writing or use a voice recorder. Otherwise, he can simply deny everything but not if you have a solid proof of his admission.