Running a business can be grueling, especially if expenses start to outweigh the revenues. Having said that, a great way to start cost cutting is to look for ways on how to minimize office supplies cost. And here are some tips to do that.

Buy In Bulk—Or Not

A lot of people will grab what they see in bulk without second though because they’re supposed to be cheaper, right? I hate to break it to you, but not really. However, checking out discount warehouse stores won’t hurt either, but make sure you compare the prices first before heading to the counter. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy smaller packs than an entire box of an item.

Dollar Stores

If you decide to try dollar stores, focus your attention on discontinued name-brands supplies, because off-brand products are usually substandard. Dollar stores sometimes have them, which they got in minimal amount which mean you also get it in a really low price. Other than those, forget about it.

Reward Saving Cards

If you regularly buy supplies to certain office supply chains, take time to sign up for their free reward saving cards. The points that you get in every purchase can really go a long way. Redeemed discounts or the coupons that you get through email means office supplies that you don’t have to buy in regular prices.

Go Online

When you buy supplies in quite a number, expect to pay for delivery fee or charge which isn’t always minimal. However, if you shop online, you get to enjoy FREE delivery. So practically speaking, shopping online is a way better option. This doesn’t only apply to physical supplies, any business expense, such as DRB checks. Online services can save you a ton, we recommend Clear Check if you are considering employee checks.

Take Advantage Of Freecycle

Freecycle is another place to stretch your frugal ways. It’s a non-profit organization that helps you save money. How? Well, just by being their member and subscribing to an email list, you get to see which stuffs are available. If you spot something you need you may have it for free. Now where do they get their free supplies? From members who are also allowed to put up anything they no longer need; no more paying for salvage collector if you’re trying to get rid of some unwanted things.

It’s also good to visit comparison sites like suppliers compared, photocopier rental specialists to make sure you get the cheapest deal possible.