Not all businessmen are made of money though they are in the business of making money. With the prices of office spaces today it is becoming extremely difficult to maintain a grand office space on a tighter budget so instead compromise has become the next best thing. One thing that a lot of businesses are compromising on is space but they still understand how to maximise the space that they do have. Why not declutter your office with Romford removals by Neales Removals, they will take care of your unwanted office supplies and clutter. If you would like to follow in similar footsteps then here are a few tips on how to get the most of what you’ve got:

Smaller Desks

Not everyone needs a grand desk all to himself or herself. Desks are greatly important for an office dynamic but with smaller desks you can give the appearance of a bigger office and still get the same amount of work done.


Plant Wall

A great way to make a statement in your office is to hire living wall plants but it is also a great way to maximise space. If you have no room to place office plants anywhere else.


Notification Wall

If you have little space to place filing cabinets then a great idea to save space is to invest in a bulletin board. This way you can keep track of any important documentation without having to take up corners with great filing cabinets that simply collect dust.


High ceilings

Having low hanging lights can make your office seem cluttered. By hanging your lights higher to the ceiling then it will give the appearance of more space and will allow for a greater spread of light.


Tight Cubicles

With tighter cubicles though your staff may feel a lot more cramped it will again allow for more space and making your office seem greater.